Tri-State Alpine Team Information

Description: This program is for kids who are interested and ready to commit to a more intense competitive
program. The focus absolutely remains on having fun and developing fundamental skills. However, the level of
competition kids will face in this league is decidedly greater than that of Interclub. As participants in this Tristate
series, kids are now part of the national talent development pipeline. As U12s and U14s in this program our kids will
begin to be eligible for selection for training and racing opportunities at a regional and national level.

While we encourage the drive to compete, to improve, and to win, we discourage premature focus on results and
elite performance ambitions. More often than not that approach backfires. If your child shows special promise, we
nurture it but stay sober about it. As parents it’s easy to get excited about the Olympic podium potential a fast 12
year old, but at that age (well, at all ages really) it’s critical to keep it fun!

Our coaches focus first and foremost on improving our young athletes’ technique in short and medium radius carved
turns. They will also be exposed to a variety of snow conditions and mixed terrain, so that they can further develop
an ability to be athletic and dynamic and make tactical adjustments. Training includes free skiing all over the
mountain in every possible condition, drills to isolate and improve specific skills, and SL and GS gates. Physical
conditioning and mental training are also introduced as ways to become better skiers and faster racers.

Age: Minimum age: 10 as of December 31 at the beginning of the winter in question.
Maximum age: 13 as of December 31 at the beginning of the winter in question.

Experience: While it is not a prerequisite, most of these athletes have participated in our Devo and/or Interclub
Programs, or they may have previous experience as a member of another program at another mountain. Ultimately
each child’s eligibility and fit with the USSA Program for U12s and U14s will be considered on a case by case basis.
Training: Training for this program is primarily on weekends, typically beginning approximately mid December.
During the week between Christmas and New Year’s we typically offer additional training opportunities to team
members. We also typically offer additional training opportunities during the Massachusetts public school holiday
period in February.

A typical training day begins at 8:30. Athletes are expected to help coaches set up and take down courses (only as
directed). Athletes are also expected to perform routine stretching and warm up activities before running a course.
Practice usually wraps up at 3:00.

Athletes and coaches work together to develop mutual trust and respect. Athletes are expected to ask questions when
they don’t understand or need clarification. Athletes are expected to keep coaches informed of any issues that may
impact training or racing performance (e.g. homework, injury, lack of sleep, appointments and other obligations,
etc.). It is the combined responsibility of coaches and athletes to make the most of each day out on the hill.

Training does not necessarily imply gates. Training activity may involve gates, fitness, video review, focused free
skiing, drills, powder skiing, glades, etc. at the discretion of the coaches.

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