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Jacquie Burdick


Make a Plan! Look before you leap! Approach, Takeoff, Maneuver, Landing.

JUMPS, JIBS, or BOARDERCROSS – From beginners on up to the region’s top riders, it’s all right here for you at the Cat!

In the Terrain Park we have jumps from small to large in many shapes and sizes. Table-tops, rollers and spines will get you going. The Terrain Park is full of jibs too. With several rails and boxes, jibbers have what they need to show their talents. Whether spinning, sliding or gliding on flat, curved or kinked elements, jibbers go all day and night in the Terrain Park. Our Boardercross trail is back with 800 feet of banked turns tracking you down Sunrise. Panther Park, with an assortment of small jibs, is great for Catamount Terrain Park wannabees looking to make their way to big time thrills. It’s located above Lower Promenade.

Inverted aerials are not recommended.

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