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For First Timers

First Timers

It’s fast, fun and easy to learn to ski or ride at Catamount! Catamount’s beginner area is wide, gentle and served by 3 Wonder Carpet lifts. They are as easy to ride as a moving sidewalk! Once you’re ready to explore, the broad slopes of The Meadows area await. Catamount’s Learn to Ski and Learn to Ride programs guarantee you’ll learn – or the next lesson is FREE. Here are some helpful hints to get you ready to enjoy the slopes.

Dressing For The Weather
The best way to enjoy winter sports is wearing the right clothing.  You’ll want to keep warm, dry and comfortable.  The best way to do that is to wear warm, loose fitting clothes and dressing in layers.  While inside eating or resting, you’ll want to shed a layer or two.  Polypropylene is an excellent first layer as it “wicks”, or moves moisture away from your skin and dries quickly.  The outer layer, top and bottom should be waterproof, windproof and breathable.  Helmets, hats and or headbands are essential, as you lose 80% of your body heat through your head.  Gloves or mittens should be waterproof and breathable.  If the cold really bothers your hands or feet consider hand and/or toe warmers.

Socks should be light to medium weight and have “wicking” properties.  You only need to wear one (1) pair.  Socks that are too thick or to many pairs can make boots to tight and cut off circulation causing feet to get cold.  It’s also a good idea to change into a dry pair of socks before putting your boots on, as damp socks from the trip to the area will quickly become cold.

Eye Protection and Sunscreen

Sunglasses and goggles not only make for better visibility in the sun or snow, but the also protect you from the suns damaging rays.

Sunscreen and lip balm are also helpful in protecting you from the sun and drying wind.  Even on cloudy days you will want to apply both several times a day.

Fuel For Thought

Catamount offers a variety of food outlets, from cafeteria style to sit down dining.  Arrive early if you plan to eat breakfast with us before starting your snowsports adventure.  You will be physically active and should be sure to fuel up before and after your time on the snow.

You should take a break if you start to feel tired and enjoy a hot drink and a snack.  The energy bars that are available are also a good source of fuel.  Remember to drink plenty of fluids such as water, juices or sports drinks.

Additional Advice

Be sure to put your car keys in a zippered pocket.  Don’t wear blue jeans as they provide no warmth and get wet easily.  A good sports store will have all of the items needed for dressing for the weather.  In the event you forget something, our Cat’s Paw retail shop, located next to the ticket booth, will have what you need.  Ski and snowboard boots are designed for skiing and snowboarding so use caution when walking on hard surfaces.  Plan to avoid the lunch rush by eating before noon or after 1:00pm.  Smile and have fun and above all else, don’t be afraid to ask questions, we are here to help.

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