Development Alpine Team Information

The DEVO team is a stepping stone toward the competition teams of Interclub and Tri-
State. The DEVO’s may also be exposed to occasional runs in gates, but on a limited basis,
as the focus is on developing solid fundamental skills in a fun, low pressure environment of
all-mountain free skiing and exercises/drills.

The DEVO Team meets on Saturdays beginning in mid-December and ends on the last
Saturday in February. Athletes ski with coaches from 9:30-11:30 break for lunch and go
back out from 12:30 to 2:30.

DEVO participants are not supervised outside of group times and should not be at the Ski
Area without a parent or guardian.

The DEVO Team breaks up in to two to four groups, or more depending on the numbers
and skill levels. Coaches evaluate and place athletes in appropriate groups based on skill,
age, aggressiveness, and skiing aptitude.

All DEVO participants should be able to ski any Blue level trail under control. Any child
who cannot ride the chairlift by themselves must be accompanied by a parent.
Although the starting age for the Devo Team is 8 years old, we are aware that many 6 and 7
year olds ski well enough to be with these groups. Children with advanced skills may be
accommodated with the permission of the Directors. All participants under the age of 8
must have an adult who will follow the group and be able to ride the chair with their child.
No DEVO participant under the age of 8 may ride the chair alone.

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