Snow Report

Snow Report



Trails Lifts
Base Conditions New Snow Last Updated
0 of 36 0 of 7 0″ N/A 0″ December 11th, 2017
Snowmaking is scheduled to resume Tuesday night and to continue through the remainder of the week. Snowmakers are working on 10 trails from both the NY and MA summits. Check back here for opening day updates.


Trail Name – Easiest Difficulty
Status Groomed
Ali’s Alley Easiest Closed No
Birch Cathedral Easiest Closed No
Cat’s Meow Easiest Closed No
Colonel’s Caper Easiest Closed No
Esplanade Easiest Closed No
Holiday Easiest Closed No
Kelli’s Run Easiest Closed No
Lower Promenade Easiest Closed No
Upper Promenade Easiest Closed No
SnowSports Learning Area Easiest Closed No
Ridge Run Easiest Closed No
Kid Cats Easiest Closed No
Ridge Run Extension Easiest Closed No


Trail Name – More Difficult Difficulty
Status Groomed
Catamount Intermediate Closed No
Chute Intermediate Closed No
Mountain View Intermediate Closed No
On Stage Intermediate Closed No
Race Slope Intermediate Closed No
Walter’s Way Intermediate Closed No
Lower Sidewinder Intermediate Closed No
Upper Sidewinder Intermediate Closed No
Upper Promenade Intermediate Closed No
Upper Alley Cat Intermediate Closed No
Fishers Fluke Intermediate Closed No
Birch Glades Intermediate Closed No
Sunrise Intermediate Closed No
Turnpike Intermediate Closed No


Trail Name – Most Difficult Difficulty
Status Groomed
Lower Alley Cat advanced Closed No
Expressway advanced Closed No
Lower Glade advanced Closed No
Upper Glade advanced Closed No
Off Stage advanced Closed No


Trail Name – Expert             Difficulty
Status Groomed
Catapult Closed No
Lynx Closed No


Trail Name – Terrain Park Difficulty
Status Groomed
Bobcat terrain parks Closed No
Sunrise – Boardercross terrain parks Closed No
Panther Park terrain parks Closed No
Upper Turnpike terrain parks Closed No
Turnpike terrain parks Closed No
Caterpillar terrain parks Closed No
Trails: 0/36 Lifts: 0/7 New Snow: 0" Snow Report Trail Map