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snowflake Freeride Catamount

After much consideration, Catamount management has made the difficult decision to discontinue mountain biking at least for the current season.  This decision is likely to disappoint those who emailed or called in support of the program over the last 2 months as well as those who did not write in. 

Catamount appreciates your support and your loyalty to the Freeride Catamount program over the last 3 years. If the future holds the possibility of mountain biking returning to Catamount, there would have to be a model that works for Catamount and the riders.

Special thanks go to James Clark and Owen Poland whose dedication and committment to Freeride Catamount have not gone unnoticed. Additional thanks go to Berkshire Bike & Board who has been a strong supporter of our program for 3 years. Have a safe summer of riding.