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Directions to Catamount


Who wants to miss a moment of a glorious winter day? It's fast and easy to get to Catamount!

Approximate Distances

Albany, NY - 45 miles
Boston, MA - 145 miles
Bridgeport, CT - 79 miles
Danbury, CT - 62 miles
Hartford, CT - 55 miles
New Haven, CT - 80 miles
New York, NY - 110 miles
Poughkeepsie, NY - 52 miles
Springfield, MA - 60 miles
Stamford, CT - 89 miles
Waterbury, CT - 50 miles
White Plains, NY - 87 miles

Unfortunately, GPS and other navigational systems so not recognize our address. Perhaps the following directions will be useful to you:



Throg’s Neck Bridge. After bridge, bear right onto New England Thuway-95 North. Pass toll booth and get off at the exit for 287 West. At fork on exit ramp, stay left under sign marked Tappan Zee Bridge. Go 4 miles on 287 to 684 north-Brewster. Take 684 north  about 25 minutes passing route 84 into route 22 north. Pass through Patterson, Amenia and Millerton.The next light after Millerton is Hillsdale. It is about 15 miles between Millerton and Hillsdale. Turn right in Hillsdale at light onto route 23 east. Go two miles to Catamount on right.

OR Whitestone Bridge into Hutchinson River Pkwy North. Bear left where Hutch leads into 684 north.
Follow above directions from 684 North-Brewster. OR At end of 684, take exit  9W. Sign marked Newburgh. This is route 84 west. Go 15 minutes to The Taconic State Pkwy North. Go about 55 minutes to route 23 east.  Sign marked Hillsdale. Turn right, pass diner and go 8 miles to light  in Hillsdale. Go through light on 23 for two miles. Catamount is on your right.

From Throg’s Neck  orWhitestone Bridge by 684-22 is  2 hours 5 minutes. By the 684-84 to Taconic add 10 minutes.

Westchester County- Connecticut- Your best route to 684 North.

Follow above  directions from 684 passing route 84 onto Rt 22N. Drive time from intersection of 684 and 84 is about 1 hour 15 minutes. Or take 84 west to Taconic north. Follow Taconic directions About 1 hour 25 minutes.

Manhattan   Major Deegan north route 87. Get off at exit 6, Tuckahoe Rd. At end of exit ramp, turn left. Go about ½ mile to Sprain Pkwy north. Sprain leads into Taconic. Follow above directions from Taconic Pkwy. Drive time from GW Bridge is about 2 hours 5 minutes. OR West Side Highway into  Henry Hudson Pkwy into Saw Mill River Pkwy to Taconic Pkwy North. Pass route 84 and follow Taconic directions.

New Jersey  GW Bridge to Major Deegan (87) north. Follow Manhattan directions.

Connecticut- North of 684- There are several ways. Find the route nearest you.

Route 7 towards Gt. Barrington. Pass through Sheffield and turn left just after Susan Silver & Mays Antiques (This is a short cut) Cross RR tracks on Egremont Road to end. At fork, angle left in So. Egremont and angle left again onto route 23 west. Continue three miles to Catamount on your left.

Connecticut- North of 684 . Eastern Ct..  Route 44 into Millerton. Right at traffic light onto route 22  north. Go about 15 miles to Hillsdale. Turn right at traffic light on 23 east. Go two miles to Catamount.
OR 44 into Canaan to route 7 north OR 63 into route 7 north OR route 4 into route 7 north OR route 8 north into 44 west to Canaan to route 7 north. Follow above directions from  Connecticut North  684  (Sheffield)

Connecticut- Stamford- Greenwich Area. Best route to 684 north. Follow Long Island directions to 22 north OR 84 west to Taconic north. Follow Long Island directions.

Rip Van Winkle BridgeOver bridge and bear left after bridge. Go straight on route 9 and 23 east. Do not go to sign marked Hudson. Pass Columbia-Green Community College. Take a left at next light on route 9 north. As you enter Hudson turn right at light ( this light could be a blinker.) Pass hospital. At light, angle right up hill on Prospect St. to blinker. Angle right, Cemetery on right. This route 23B. Go straight through the light in Claverack. You are now on route 23. Go through the light in Hillsdale. Go 2 more miles on route 23 and Catamount will be on your right. OR Continue straight on 9 south-23 east straight into 82 to Taconic Pkwy north. Exit at 23 east. Follow above directions from Long Island from route 23.

Kingston Take the Kingston-Rhinecliffe Bridge. After bridge turn left on 9G north. Go to route 199 and turn right. Go through Red Hook. Stay on 199 to Taconic Parkway. Take Taconic north about 10 minutes to route 23East. Turn right pass Diner. Go through light in Hillsdale for 2 miles to Catamount.

Mass via Mass. Pike. Exit 2 in Lee. Off ramp onto 102 towards Stockbridge-Gt. Barrington. In Stockbridge, turn left at Red Lion Inn onto route 7 through Gt. Barrington. AT light ( Alise Abrams Antiques) turn right and then go left over bridge. After Days Inn at light, bear right onto route 23. Go through So. Egremont to Catamount on left just after you enter NYS.